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The Educanimo®

Your hairy friends disobey in your absence ?

They are partying in your sofa ?

They go upstairs ?

They settle themselves on the window sills ?

We have THE solution !



Adopt an

The Educanimo® is an educational and deterrent accessory that allows  your hairy friends to understand and comply with your demands during your absence.

The Educanimo® gives you a boost !

A carpet with pointed (but painless) shapes, generating a certain discomfort, that will encourage your animals to find a more comfortable place.

A solution that will guide your pet towards a better behaviour during your absence.

The most popular technique to protect sofas from the invasion of pets during your absence, is putting chairs and other furniture on top of them ... a system that sometimes turns out to be very inconvenient!

Does your sofa looks like this in your absence?

We have the solution that simplifies your life !

Delivered in a kit, the carpet is composed of "Forms" that are very easy to fit into the carpet.

A mutual respect for each other’s living space allows a balanced environment for all.

The notion of comfort and discomfort is an educational method recognized by many animal behaviour specialists.


That's how the idea was born ! Harmless as it is, the Educanimo® allows you to define the areas of discomfort in order to deter animals (especially doggies).

It is therefore essential to provide the animal with an adequate comfort zone in function of its needs: a basket, a cushion, a sofa of its own, etc. ...

The Educanimo® Sofa, a solution for sofas having a burnout

Flexible: it rolls up and unfolds easily and can be stored discreetly with the help of a rubber band.

The Educanimo® Sofa has the average seat width of  60 centimeters,

 and a length of  40 centimeters.

Available in two colors to be visible by your animal and to harmonize as well as possible with your interior decoration, choose the shade of your Educanimo® ans its forms.



​Because at Animo Solution, the preservation of the environment

is an important matter, the material of the carpet contains no toxic products and meets the Oeko-Tex 100 standards. The Forms are made of bioplastic PLA, materials that limit the environmental impact !


Adjustable: the carpet is extendible thanks to its Forms of attachment allowing it to fit all widths of sofas.

Any idea of the width of the Educanimo® when assembled ?

1 carpet = 60 cm
2 carpets = 111 cm
3 carpets = 162 cm

4 carpets = 213 cm

5 carpets = 264 cm

The Forms are available in two colors, to be very visible by your pet.
The dog is dichromate
(yellow and blue are the best perceived colors)

Animo Solution also has the solution for pets that are a little bit more stubborn !

Rubber bands supplied in the kit can be fixed in each corner of the carpet in order to fix the Educanimo® Sofa to the seat cushions of the sofa.

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