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A brand of FR8man Creations

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The Matelanimo

Your comfort is important, his too !
That is why Animo Solution offers sleeping mattresses that are extremely comfortable for pets.

Even better : sustainable mattresses!



Choose for a

The Matelanimo is an eco-friendly and malleable cushion for pets, allowing them to benefit from the naturally-insulating and washable filling with exchangeable covers.

The Matelanimo gives your pets a comfortable sleeping place that is cool and safe, which will grant your sofas a second life!

Various sizes and colours

S ...... 40 x 60cm x thickness +/- 8cm

M ..... 60 x 80cm x thickness +/- 10cm

L ...... 80 x 100cm x thickness +/- 12cm

XL ... 100 x 120cm x thickness +/- 14cm

Julie presents the design Sterenn


Sterenn Taupe

Sterenn Cherry Red

The different thicknesses guarantee your pet an optimal comfort while preserving the malleability of the Matelanimo®.

Gaspard presents the design Tweedy






Purple glacier

Maximum comfort

Malleable as desired, thanks to its filling of cork granules, the Matelanimo allows your pet to sleep on a cushion shaped to their physical needs. Curled in a ball in the middle of the cushion, extended with its head on the thick layer forming a pillow, lying with four legs in the air,... each position will be adequately comfortable.


A filling that is 100% environmental-friendly

The cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark was crushed and reduced to grains, then merged by heating the resin of the cork.  It makes the product 100% ecological.  On top of it all, the cork we use comes from recycled bottle stoppers!

In addition to undeniable comfort, cork is a natural material, which has many advantages :
       Thermal insulation that will keep your pet warm

       Rot resistant for long-lasting sustainability

       Waterproof for better hygiene, does not absorb perspiration
       Antistatic so less dust
       Elastic against any deformation of the filling

       And finally, avoided by insects and mites

A high-quality design

The cover tissues are selected on the basis of several criteria:


the thickness of the tissue, minimum 380gr/m2, which allows the Matelanimo to resist longer to usage and friction.

The materials of the tissues are either a combination of cotton/polyester or 100% polyester, for a better grip and resistance to washing.

The texture of the cover is warm and resembles the tissue used for the design of sofas, one of the elements that will convince your pet to prefer the cushion over your sofa.

The Matelanimo, manufactured in Belgium, is designed with love. With a double lock - wallet + velcro - we say goodbye to broken zippers for good! The cover can be easily removed and you can buy an extra replacement cover to increase the sustainability while washing it regularly in a washing machine at 30°.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the quality of the cork filling, the maintenance of the cushion is a breeze !

Cork is impermeable to odors and moisture, it will stay fresh for a very long time ... if you nevertheless want to machine-wash the sub-cover and its filling, we recommend to place it in a washing bag, closed properly.

Each cover is machine washable at 30°, and easily replaceable by a replacement cover. Although already very sustainable, alternate covers will allow you to increase the durability of your Matelanimo even more.

Leo, the leader of the Cat'staff, has dedicated his time and knowledge in order to ensure that the covers were washed properly in the washing machine ... his report was very positive, be certain !

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