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A brand of FR8man Creations

Rue du Château Ferme, 28

5522 Falaën - Belgique

Creator of solutions

for pets owners

For a harmonious "living together" between humans & animals !

His comfort and mine

We find solutions for you !


Animo Solution allows a harmonious "living together", so that each living being has its

place and the necessary facilities for a maximum comfort.

Animo Solution, Quality and Innovation !

The proposed solutions are designed to take care of everyone’s well-being at home.
Each solution must be used wisely and with common sense.

Follow our adventures, as there are more projects to come !


Because the animal cause is important to us,
because running a business does not mean being individualistic, because there is a way to create a new economy, a responsible economy that respects the environment and is supportive of different causes and associations.

Nothing has ever been built alone. So, together, let's opt for this economy, for this solidarity!


Animals deserve it !

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