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Questions ? Answers !


When can I use the Educanimo® ?

When your pet doesn't obey your demands. Whether in your absence or in your presence, it will help you to make him understand what areas are prohibited.  Whether it concerns sofas, chairs, tables, stairs, shelves, window sills, etc.

The Educanimo®, a good educational tool ?

Oh yeah !  Thanks to the Educanimo®, that generates an important discomfort, your pet will learn all by itself, that the area where he wishes to install himself, is not made for him.

How will the Educanimo® be delivered ?

It will be delivered in a kit : a carpet with pre-drilled holes, and besides that, the "forms" that will fit into the carpet.

If I have two left hands, will I be able to assemble the carpet ?

The answer is yes !  It is much easier to assemble than Swedish furniture ...

Is the material of the carpet solid enough?

The answer is still yes !  Many research and tests have been conducted to find the most adequate quality. In addition, the material is composed of crossed fibers, which makes the rug even more resistant. On top of that, the material is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means: devoid of any harmful product for health and environment.

Are the forms flexible or rigid ?

They are rigid, in order to provide optimum efficiency !

Ok, but doesn't my pet risk to get hurt with the Educanimo® ?

No, of course not ! The forms are designed to generate discomfort, while ensuring that nobody gets hurt.
Based on the method of discomfort/comfort recognized by many educators and animal handlers, the carpet has proven its effectiveness and its harmlessness thanks to the tests carried out by the Cat'staff team and the Sofa Gang.
You only need to provide your hairy one with a Matelanimo to offer him a more comfortable place than your sofa ;)

How to store the Educanimo® ?

Simply : You roll it up.

I have a very stubborn and clever dog ...   Is there a way to fix the carpet to the sofa ?


Yes, each corner of the carpet has one small hole, allowing the introduction of an elastic band which can be attached to each corner of the couch cushions. These adjustable elastics are optionally available.

If I place an Educanimo on one step of the stairs, will my big dog pass anyway ?

That depends on the determination of your dog. If he's quite stubborn, it's maybe better to place two Educanimo® successively on two stair steps. That way he will not easily jump over it.

Is the Matelanimo really more sustainable than the traditional cushions ?

That's for sure ! Thanks to its natural cork filling with undeniable qualities (thermal insulation, rot-proof, waterproof, anti-static, repelling dust mites and keeping its shape thanks to the elasticity of the cork granules) the base of the Matelanimo is extremely sustainable. It will prevent you from buying a new cushion every year !

Can I wash the cover of the Matelanimo ?

Absolutely !  We wash our bed sheets too don't we? So it's a bit obvious that we should wash the covers of our pet's cushions as well.  They perspire, loose their hair, and even drool on it... but that is because they are really comfortable !  Machine washable at 30 degrees, dry naturally (no dryer). The cover is very easy to remove thanks to its wallet and velcro closure .  It's a breeze !

And while the cover is in the machine, where can my pet sleep?

Well, on a spare cover !  They are available individually and very practical to enjoy your Matelanimo even longer. In addition, it allows you to change the interior once in a while ;)


How does Animo Solution offer eco-responsible items?

We work with a maximum of eco-responsible and sustainable materials, and also cooperate with local businesses.

This allows us to reduce the impact on the environment.

We also prefer using the bioplastic PLA, a plastic of biological origin (corn starch) and biodegradable.

How does Animal Solution support work for different animal welfare associations?

It's simple ! Throughout the year, thanks to your purchases, we will be able to support financially several animal associations, at different times and in different countries. The public will be informed on social networks during each donation made.



Animal well-being, domestic harmony, quality, service, respect for the environment and humour are the characteristics of Animo Solution !

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